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Vegetarian Cookery 

There seems to be a general agreement that the only way to cook beansprouts is to stir-fry them. But there is an alterantive, and one that, to my mind, is healthier and tastier. It's more versatile as well. Here is my recipe for Bean Sprouts

My books

My latest book Autobiograpical Tales is still available. For more about it and how to buy a copy click here.

Penguin have recently re-issued my edition of Matthew Arnold’s prose. This has been  something of a pleasant surprise because it was first published in the Penguin English Library as long ago as 1970 and had been out of print for some time.The title of the edition has become Culture and Anarchy and Other Selected Prose. Originally it was called  Matthew Arnold: Selected Prose.  I have written about its first publication elsewhere on this website. Click here   

The text is unchanged though it has been reset using a handsome new typeface and the book has been been ‘rejacketed,’ a term I hadn’t come across before. The most notable sign of this process is that the cover now carries an unflattering black-and-white photograph of a dour, uncomfortable, rather hard-faced Arnold instead of the earlier colourful, piercingly intelligent painting by G.F.Watts. 

Full details of the Penguin reprint can be found at http://www.penguinclassics.co.uk/books/culture-and-anarchy-and-other-selected-prose/9780141396248/