Peter KeatingWelcome to the home page of my personal website. I am a professional writer, a literary historian with a long-standing commitment to interdisciplinary studies.  All of my publications in the field of literary history can be found listed on the site together with details of recent developments.  

My latest book is Autobiographical Tales. It is an extension of my interdisciplinary studies as well as a radical departure from them, a blend of autobiography, social history and fiction. I talk further about the book on What’s New.

I am continuing with my research into Agatha Christie’s novels.  Focusing on Miss Marple and drawing attention to aspects of Christie’s work that are not usually given much attention, it is on its way to becoming a full-length book study. Some early samples are available on site.

In a purely amateur capacity, I am also an enthusiastic vegetarian cook, happy to write about my cooking experiences and to share them with others. I favour a form of truly basic vegetarian cookery, or TBVC as it sometimes called here. And that means basic in all the best possible ways: cooking that is free of meat and fish, everyday, healthy, accessible and in tune with world-wide trends in modern vegetarianism.  

All of these interests are ongoing and feature on this site.

Material may be downloaded for personal use, but permission is needed for all other purposes. © Peter Keating.